Conceptualized, art directed, & designed all print and digital materials for each brand. 

Some brands were created, and some were re-designed.

  -  Conceptualization, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print Production, Copy Writing-


Weyerbacher Brewery Re-Branding

No matter how hard your day, Weyerbacher takes the edge off. Located in the rustbelt of Easton, PA, Weyerbacher brewery provides local, great tasting beer. 
The rebranding of this microbrewery showcases the history of Easton and the unique beer that is made there.

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Valia Snowboards and Skateboards

Get gnarly, girls! Valia is the brand extreme betties can turn to for the best women's gear. These ladies are totally stoked that there is finally a sweet brand for them.
Storefront design, advertising, snowboard design, web design.

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Liquid Courage: Phobia Eliminating Drinks

Hey scaredy cat! Need courage? Get some! Liquid Courage is a phobia eliminating drink that takes away your deepest fears for 24 hours!
Be the courageous lion you were always meant to be. Package design, advertising, web design.

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Highlites: Sports Education for Women

When it comes to sport knowledge, some women strike out. Hit a grand slam with Highlites, the education service that teaches women about the sport of their choice.
Take lessons online and download the iPhone App for the game to get real time updates and tips. Website design, iPhone application design, ads.

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Spark Magazine by Seventeen Magazine

Teenage girls are filled with attitude, and they need a magazine that talks back.
Spark, by Seventeen Magazine is a quarterly periodical that informs girls about the real issues of role models, no censors. 
Magazine layout design. Spreads and departments.

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